Purpose Article 1- The purpose of this regulation is to regulate the implementation procedure and merits on distance contracts. 

Scope Article 2- This Regulation shall apply to contracts made in writing, visual and electronic media or other means of communication and without any confrontation with the consumers, to the contracts for goods or services that are determined at the time or after delivery or to be performed. 

Basis Article 3- This Regulation is prepared based on article 31 of the Law on the Protection of the Customer dated 23/2/1995 no 4077 and on the article 9/A included to this Law with the Law no 4822. 

Definitions Article 4 - The following terms shall have the following meaning in the implementation of this Regulation; a) Ministry: The Ministry of Industry and Commerce, b) Minister: The Minister of Industry and Commerce, c) Good: Movables, immovables for residence and holiday purposes and software, voice, visual and other non-material goods prepared for being used in electronic medium that are subject of the purchase, d) Service: All types of activities in exchange for a fee or benefit other than supplying goods, e) Seller: Real or legal entities that offer goods to the public in the context of commercial or professional activities, including public entities, f) Supplier: Real or legal persons providing services to consumers within the scope of commercial or professional activities, including public legal entities, g) Consumer: Real or legal person who acquires, uses or uses a good or service for commercial or non-professional purposes, h) Creditor: The banks, private financial institutions and financing companies that are authorized to provide cash loans to consumers according to their legislation, ı) Distance Agreement:  Contracts made in writing, visual and electronic media or other means of communication and without any confrontation with the consumers, the contracts for goods or services that are determined at the time or after delivery or to be performed. Preliminary Information 

Article 5- The following information is obligatory to be provided to the consumer before the execution of distance sales. a) Name, title, open address, phone and if exists, other contact information of the seller or supplier, b) general properties of the contractual good or service, c) sales price of the contractual good or service including all taxes, d) Validity period of all undertakings of the seller or supplier including the price, e) information on how the consumer will make the payment, f) information regarding how the delivery and performance will be done and, if exists, the price and the payer of the related expenses, g) information on the right to withdrawal and how this right will be used, h) the fees of communication ways if there is an expense for the consumer, ı) program regarding the delivery and performance dates of the contractual good or service, j) open address, phone number and, if exists, other contact information of the seller or supplier to which the consumer will refer his/her requests and complaints. Proving the Accuracy of the Preliminary Information in Writing 

Article 6 - The contract cannot be executed unless the consumer confirms in writing that he/she received the preliminary information accurately and fully. For contracts done in an electronic medium, the confirmation of the process shall be done again in an electronic medium. The consumer shall receive a written confirmation including the preliminary information, for goods, before the contractual good is delivered to him/her, for services, before the performance of the contract at the latest. Conditions Necessary to be Inside the Contract 

Article 7 - It is mandatory for the distance agreement is done in writing and a copy of this to be given to the consumer. The following shall be included in the Contract; a,) the name, title, open address, phone number and, if exists, other contact information of the consumer, seller or supplier, b) Contract Issue date, c) delivery or performance date and form of the good or service, d) information regarding the expense amount for delivery and performance and by whom these expenses will be covered, e) kind or type, quantity and, if there is, brand and model of the contractual good or service, f) Turkish Lira advance sale price of the good or service including the taxes, g) Turkish Lira total sales price that will be paid with interest regarding the maturity, h) Interest amount, annual rate with which the interest is calculated and delay interest without exceeding the thirty percent of the interest rate stated in the contract, ı) Advance amount, j) Payment plan, k) legal consequences of the debtor falling into default. 

Right to Withdrawal Article 8 - Consumer has the right to refuse the good and withdraw from the contract without any legal or penal liability and without showing any cause within seven days starting from the date of receipt in distance contracts regarding the sale of goods. In distance contracts regarding the provision of services, this period starts at the date of signature. If the performance of the service is determined to be done before 7 days period is over, the consumer may use his/her right to withdrawal until the date of performance commencement. The expenses from the use of the right to withdrawal belong to the seller or supplier. The contracts for services provided immediately in electronic medium and goods that are immediately delivered to the consumer are not subject to the provisions regarding the right to withdrawal and its use. Even if the good is delivered to somebody outside the consumer that is a party to the contract, the consumer may still use the right to withdrawal. In this case, the seller takes the good from the third person under the fourth paragraph of article 9. The consumer can not use his/her right to withdrawal for the goods that are produced according to the special desires and requests of the consumer or that are made special with making changes or additions. Also, the consumer cannot use his/her right to withdrawal for the goods that cannot be returned due to their nature, that have the possibility to spoil hastily or may expire. When one of the conditions in the article 6 and 7 of this Regulations are missing, the seller or the supplier shall fulfill this lack. In this case, the 7 days period starts from the date in which the information regarding the fulfillment of such lack is delivered to the consumer in writing. If the price paid by the consumer is met partly or wholly on the basis of an agreement between the seller or the supplier or between the seller or the supplier and the lender, the loan contract will automatically terminate without any liability to pay any compensation or penalty if the right to withdrawal is used. However, for this, the right to withdrawal shall be sent to the lender in writing. 

Seller and Supplier's Liability Article 9- The seller or supplier is obliged to fulfill the performance within thirty days at the latest from the time the order is delivered to the purchaser. This period may be extended by maximum ten days provided that the consumer is notified in writing in advance. The seller or supplier is obligated to return the price, securities and any document that indebts the consumer within ten days starting from the receipt of consumers withdrawal notice, while also being obligated to return the goods within twenty days. The seller or the supplier shall deliver a copy of the contract and the written consent of the buyer prior to delivery of the contractual goods or service or the performance to the consumer of the distance agreement by providing his/her signature with his/her handwriting. The burden of proof in dispute belongs to the seller or supplier. The seller or the supplier may supply the goods or services at equal quality and price, provided that the contractual performance deed does not expire and is stated in the agreement and under the condition that it bases on justified reason. If the seller or the supplier fails to fulfill the contractual obligations by claiming that it is impossible to fulfill the ordered goods or service, it shall notify the consumer without expiry of the obligation to fulfill the contract. The price he/she paid and all documents that ended by the consumer shall be returned to the consumer within 10 days. 

Repayment Article 10 - In the case of paying for distant contracts with a credit card or similar payment card, the consumer may request the cancellation of the payment process on the grounds that the card has been used outside of his / her own interest and against the law. In this case, the card issuing institution will return the payment amount to the consumer within 10 days of the notification of the dispute itself. 

Excluded Contracts Article 11 - The provisions of this Regulations shall not apply to the following contracts; a) related to bank, insurance, b) that are made through automatic sales machines, c) that are made through public payphones, d) that are made with tender, e)  Regarding the supply of goods regularly provided to the consumer's home or workplace for food, beverage and daily consumption, f) that include provisions relating to the provision of accommodation, transportation, food, provision of sportive and cultural activities and entertainment services in a special day or period that the supplier undertook. 

Enforcement Article 12- This Regulation shall enter into force on 14/6/2003. 

Execution Article 13- The provisions of this Regulation shall be executed by the Minister of Industry and Commerce.


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